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Reverse gear problem


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I have a 2015 Legacy and I love the car. But lately it seems like I don't have complete control over my acceleration, when starting off, especially in reverse.


Yesterday, I backed into someone because of this. When I first pressed the gas pedal, it felt as if it wasn't going to move. Then it accelerated too much and there I went. :(


There are times when just easing off very slowly is necessary but with my car, this is hard to do. What is the cause and can anything be done?


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Thank you for the reply. I was out today and didn't notice this happening again so I guess I will keep an eye on it. Hopefully, it won't happen again because, as you say, it is certainly unacceptable ( and scary).


This is a fairly big group here so if there had been any others with the problem, I'm sure they would say so.

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