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Failed Turbo

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Hi all,


I have a 2005 Legacy GT Ltd (5AT) with ~177K. The original turbo failed at ~125K. Seems that as of today the second turbo has also failed as I got a P0021 and the soft whine/shrieking started from the engine area.


The questions I have:


  • Is anyone aware of a good write-up/video on the removal replacement, or is the Haynes write-up close enough? (I did a quick search but nothing stood out)

  • A couple of weeks ago I replaced the banjo bolt oil line filter leading out of the turbo with the hope of avoiding this exact situation. It seemed like a straightforward process. That said, does anyone think that could be connected or just a coincidence? I already saw oil present in the intercooler, so maybe I was late and the oil seal was already failing?[/list/

  • Any opinions on comparable (i.e. non-upgrade) aftermarket turbos vs. Subaru dealer sourced?


I appreciate any thoughts.

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Plenty of threads on how to swap the turbo on the forums. That's the easy part. You got a lot of reading to do. Lots of bad things could happen when the snail dies in the ej255. The turbo can be rebuilt by a number of vendors...tuning alliance, or a well known member on here named jmp.


This is the second blown turbo. Stop driving it. Have oil looked at and make sure no metal is present. Truth be told after you collect all the facts of this on how much you really like or want to fix this car. I say keep and fix

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