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Why does my Legacy make this awful noise when starting?

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The car is always a bit noisy to start but it has gotten worse, I feel. Makes this awful screeching sound when started after sitting for longer period of time. There is also quite a bit of shudder through the car when starting. If it runs a little and then you turn it off and start it again, no noise.


In this video - the noise is pretty much immediately following the turnover. I let it running a little longer and gave it gas a few times just to see if there is engine movement and there seems to be nothing out of the ordinary there.




Am I overthinking this? Nothing to worry about?


I think I last used Mobil 1 5w-30 oil, did a front and rear diff fluid changes as well as CVT drain and refill (both using Redline fluids) - all over a month or so ago.

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Mechanical high-pitched screeching? Might be a pulley that's noisy and ripe for change.


Try removing the alternator belt and see if the sound is gone. If it disappears it's not the cam belt. I assume you have the EJ engine and not the FA/FB with chain driven cams.

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