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Advice on used front LSD vs. new one for my 6MT swap?


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Hi all,

Swapping in an '08 Spec B 6MT this winter into my '05 GT wagon before track season starts in the spring. The 5MT had gotten worse and worse over the years with the 3 to 4 shift getting balky. Finally gave up the ghost the last session of the day this season with 1st going out.


Since its a Spec B its open front diff and so I'm putting in a front LSD while the swap happens. This will also give Cobb Surgeline the opportunity to give both the tranny and R180 a once over just to make sure everything is good before its goes in. Sourcing the Front LSD new is providing a problem for me, the Japanese suppliers are out of them and haven't set a new production date on another run. Rallipsec has offered to sell me a used one for a decent price as an alternative. No real history on it but it appears to be fine and they will vouch for its worthy condition. I don't know much about these LSD's anyone with some knowledge care to weigh in? Is it essentially an issue of "either they work or they don't"? Are they pretty bombproof like the rest 6 speed guts so I can rest easy(er?) that its ok?


Any thoughts would be appreciated.


Link to the part spec here:


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Sense the factory is helical front LSD, there is not clutches to wear out. IMO I would worry about a use one. Mine as over 260k+ and still works great.

You could have Rallipsec tear down & and inspect the LSD for wear before install, if it makes you feel better.

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thanks for the comments guys, I'm going ahead with their used front LSD. Hope to get the wagon into Cobb Surgeline in the next 8 weeks or so for the swap. Gotta get 'er done before the season starts! I'll be doing another post in the near future, (in this sub forum I guess?) but I'm going to start looking for advice on what I might want to replace while the swap is being done in terms of bushings and underbody frame stiffening. I'd like to replace anything thats got to come out anyway in the swap since I'm already paying labor as it is. Any advice would be great :) Will do the usual tranny/shifter bushing stuff but wondering what else I should do while its under the knife...


Starting to consider the array of Cusco (or other brands) bits to further lock down flex in the car...

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