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Something Wrong With My Car

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Hey everybody. I'm new to the forum and was hoping that someone could help me figure out what is wrong with the 2002 legacy GT that I had purchased a couple of days ago. A little background: I bought the car from a guy off Craigslist with a total 140,000, 5MT, minimal rust, an interior in great shape, and that ran descent when I had test driven it (payed 2300 for it). I was driving the newly purchased car home when I stopped for gas. When I went to start the car back up again, It wouldn't go. No big issue, its cold in Minneapolis where I live and the battery was old. Eventually, I got it jump started and continued on my way. I began to smell burning from the vents. My first reaction was to check the temp gauge, which told me the car was running extremely hot. I pulled into a nearby auto parts store popped the hood and noticed that the coolant reservoir was completely empty. This explains the overheating. While I was in the parking lot, I exchanged the battery and it fired back up again. I turned it back off to refill the coolant in the radiator and reservoir and went to start it up to no avail. It turns over but doesn't to start which tells me the engine isn't seized, the electronics work meaning the battery is still good... What could it be? head gasket? Im unsure if a car can run with a blown head gasket. Maybe a fuel pump? I checked the fuel pump regulator fuse and it was intact. Anyways, I am unsure Any help would be appreciated! I just want to drive my car!



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