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Gates Timing kit Beware?

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Came across this video and wanted to see if anyone has encounter this and if they have had any issues.


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7qYmNXOhn_o]GATES Subaru Timing Kits: BUYER BEWARE! - YouTube[/ame]

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I wonder when this change occurred. I installed one when I did my cam and crank seals about 3 years ago and I haven't had any issues. That was probably around 40k ago or so.


Having said that, I did not pay as close attention as I should have and would not have installed one of these had I noticed the label conflict.


I'm interested to see what you find! GL!



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Updated parts list since original part-out here.


Original Full part-out of my LGT HERE!

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I put a 307 kit (with new water pump) on my son's 05 OB NA about a month and a half ago. All pulleys and belt tensioner were made in Japan, timing belt made in US but the water pump in made in China.

Got it from Amazon. The water pump WAS clearly labeled as made in China on the box. All parts except for water pump looked exactly like OEM parts I took off the engine.


After I put the engine back in the car it does most of the time produce this muffled tapping sound that wasn't there before. I am not sure what it is, betting its either water pump, steering pump or may be valves - I adjusted the valves while doing heads. Could be small leak on the exhaust manifold on the left side- one of the screws stripped and I couldn't torque it completely to spec. The weird part is that the tapping sounds isn't always there, and it does not seem to relate to engine temperature much.


There are few people that complained about this kit resulting on knocking noise on Amazon. I will wait and see if this gets worse by spring time.


That said I had Chinese made Gates water pump installed on my 05 LGT years ago when doing 100K timing belt service; it's 194K now and this far didn't make any noise and didn't give me any problems(knock on wood). Will be doing the belt soon on LGT and sure will look for Aisin kit on Amazon...


Here are the parts on the engine:




and here is the label on the box:





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