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So, I've been looking for some used exhaust parts and I've seen some that cross over. I have a 2007 Spec B, so I don't think I need an up pipe, but I've seen them advertised as "fits all turbo EJ engines". Is this true?


I've also seen that the down pipe from a 08-14? WRX will fit our cars. Also true? Same with 08-14? axle back muffler deletes.


I'm really just looking for clarification on what is interchangeable and what isn't. Is there anything else that is interchangeable?

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Crossover - There are some minor differences in the manifolds between some EJ motors. If you buy the manifold with them they will fit all. This won’t buy you much on its own, might want to look at ELH.


Downpipe - Correct


Axle back - With cutting welding, yes. It's not a bolt up deal. Flange needs to be rotated, hangers need to be repositioned.


Other parts from a 08-14 WRX that will fit: Intercooler (standard TMIC, FMIC and large TMIC with ducting would need modification), uppipe, injectors, turbo, fuel pump, TGV's, turbo inlet, anything inside the motor, headers, clutch, anything from the front suspension, radiator, and motor mounts.


Intakes kind of fit, but you'll have to use an '08-14 WRX MAF sensor and rewire/tune for it.

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