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Catalytic converter

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2000 Subaru Legacy L Wagon, 120k miles


Went to the mechanic to diagnose the check engine light and they are saying that the catalytic converter needs to be replaced.. apparently it actually has two catalytic converters and 5 O2 sensors, and they estimated the total cost to be $3000.. That's quite a bit more than the actual value of the car itself and seems unimaginable to spend. I do live in Alaska, but still... this is the place we go to: http://aatheshop.com/


I've heard advice of just replacing the o2 sensors (they say is over $1000 in parts and labor).. I've heard advice of cutting the CC out and putting in a straight pipe..


What is the risk I run if I don't do anything at all?


Thanks for the advice

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I doubt you need to replace ALL the CC's, but maybe you have road salt like the Midwest and they're damaged. Did they tell you they were plugged?


What was the CEL Code? It should be informative enough to tell you if you just need a new O2 sensor.....


I'd suspect your O2 sensors are due for replacement, which can be bought online for $50+ each - but I recommend sticking w/the Bosch, Denso or NGK brands vs. the cheapest of the cheap. (That thing really has 5????? Is it a California car?). Edit: Yes, they have 5 - wowza.


If you you have Emissions Testing in AK, then your options are limited. If not, then you can replace the CC's w/straight pipe - w/O2 bungs - or put in much cheaper aftermarket CC's....if you or muffler shop can/will modify it.


Unless you know a Tuner you can't turn off the codes if you remove the O2 sensors completely. (I'm not sure if the '00 ECU can even be tuned.)


If you do nothing you can cause your engine to run poorly and get lower MPG. If they're really plugged it can damage the engine due to the backpressure.


Plus, I REALLY hate driving around w/the CEL on since you'll never know if something ELSE is broken, which might actually need immediate attention!



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Yes, it is a "california" car.. I never knew that existed, but it makes things a lot more expensive..


It was the PO420 code.


We only use cinders on the roads up here.


There is emissions testing, so we would have to find someone who would be willing to modify it, but then we won't ever be able to sell it..


Xrayspecs- Did you just replace the o2 sensors upstream and downstream? how long ago?

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