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Code P0244 (Possible intercooler problem?)

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Hey again guys, picked up my first LGT yesterday! Pretty excited for this car, it is already a blast, as we are covered in snow up here. However, before buying it, I knew it had a problem going over 4k rpm, guy I bought it from said he took it to a subaru mechanic who said there was a crack in the intercooler, and that's what was causing the problem. So, I decided to take the matter into my own hands and check that claim, hit 4k rpm, and the fuel shutoff and I got the CEL. I connected the two wires to run the code, and it popped out P0244 (Wastegate solenoid). I've read about this on here, and it seems it's overboosting, either because of a bad solenoid, or it needs a tune (it's never been tuned that I know of, but who knows buying a used car). My question is, could this code be popped because of a bad intercooler? Or does it more seem like I need to replace the bcs? It doesn't happen every time, I cleared the code and was able to go WOT a couple times, and then it threw the code again. The turbo was also replaced with an OEM turbo 44k miles ago, should it have been retuned then? Thanks for the help guys!
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The code you got means either the boost control solenoid itself has an electrical issue, or the MAP sensor is registering manifold pressures out of the expected range. By now the ECU has probably went into limp mode(wastegate duty @ 0%), so you *should* see a decent drop in power if there isn't a vacuum leak. If I were you, I would:


1) With the engine cooled, manually actuate the wastegate flapper arm by hand, making sure it moves freely. It will be stiff, as you will be fighting the wastegate spring, but it should move freely.


2) Check all of the boost management vacuum lines. There are three vacuum lines that control the wastegate: compressor side and wastegate side lines which tee into a singular line that runs to the boost controller. A fourth line exits the boost controller and runs to the turbo inlet. A rip in either the wastegate line, compressor line, or the line they tee into will cause overboosting! There is also a small restrictor "pill" in there, and it's absence will cause underboosting.


3) If all of that checks out, check the MAP sensor vacuum line. A crack in this means you will leak boost pressure, causing underboost. This most likely wouldn't cause your code though.


4) If all looks okay, run a singular vacuum line from the turbo compressor to the wastegate, you should be running 8-10lbs of boost max. If you run more, you have a stuck wastegate. Less and you have an "unseated" wastegate flap(new hot side time!).


If you esure there are no boost leaks, the restrictor pill is present, and the wastegate itself is functioning properly, then the issue is your wastegate control solenoid. No big deal, they can be found used for less than $20. I would hold off driving it for now though, as if it's overboosting you can burn valves and crack pistons without even realizing it. BTSSM, an AccessPort, or a Tactrix cable would also be SUPER helpful in troubleshooting!

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