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Alignment issues

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so i got this done today and i have a couple concerns. they could only adjust the front because thats what was loose. front was off a bunch and so was the rear.

they claim to have readjusted the front but she still pulls. camber was probably off but idk about the toe.


the rears they say the bolt for toe adjustment was froze so they couldn't get it adjusted they would have to break them and put new ones in, they didn't have any and had to order them but i didn't want to be there any more so i told them not to. also because I have negative camber in the rear and wanted to get bolts (camber bolts for the rear) to adjust that at the same time.


where do i find some good bolts or should i do some sort of other work before i just have them slap back on some new hardware and adjust it. i was thinking are there any bushings or something i should replace at the same time


i will post the actual specs im at now when im not to lazy to get them from my car

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