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Need some help with this one

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First time on this forum. I bought a myself an 09 Legacy Special Edition with the 5mt. I bought it wrecked and am finally at the point where i have the engine back in and almost ready to go. The problem is the engine has trouble idling and even stalls. It didnt do this the first several times I started the engine. The CEL is on and as luck would have it I cant find my code reader. Also my horn doesn't work even though the fuses are all good, my hunch is that somehow the horn issue is related to the CEL. Anyways I was hoping that some of you with the same car can share some insight on whether or not my fuse box looks right or if its missing a relay.


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I would need to reference my fuse block but if you look under the block cover it will tell what should be in which socket.


Once you find your code reader and get the trouble codes that will help a lot but in the meantime:

1. Are all the connections plugged in? (Crank, Cam, AFR, MAF etc? )

2. Does the fuel pump buzz when the key is in the ON position just before it cranks?

3. How was it wrecked?


Welcome to the forums we will try to help you as best we can :)

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