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So i cracked open my 5MT...


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This is just a copy and paste from my build. Its starting to get serious so I started a new post. So here we go...



78000 mile update:


Noise from underneath. Sounds like gearbox.


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XDBIlwF-ZME]05 Subaru Legacy gt 5speed noise - YouTube[/ame]


I removed the drive shaft and the joints seemed pretty notchy so i oreder a used shaft, and it felt identical. So I drove the car on the lift in FWD and still heard the noise.


I then popped the plug out of the trans and found this.


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oLsz675g-Ec]5mt at 78k miles - YouTube[/ame]


Sadness ensues.


PS: Sorry I havent figured out how to embed yet




Ok so I cracked the damn thing open and right were i heard the noise, i found this...








So can anyone tell me if I should keep going or is this the problem...

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So this bearing is making a lot of noise. Maybe the main noise thats in the video.

you can see some wear on this race as well. http://i.imgur.com/MqeaJbR.jpghttp://i.imgur.com/eIGLf70.jpg


I think at this point it was a center diff failiure. Ive read enough similar stories that have matched my symptoms.


At this point I'm just going to replace what is damaged and cross my fingers the thing will hold on until i can find a 6Mt setup. Ill call around later and find out some prices.

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Update on the center diff.

I have a spare 5mt from the gc8 project I'm working on atm which happens to have the same center diff as the lgt. So I may try to swap it out once I get some of the races and bearings in.


Ill be ordering a clutch soon as well. Lets here some stories about what and what not to get.


I'm stage 2 atm, but that could change at any moment lol. Id like to keep pedal feel as close to stock as i can, but a little more push can be expected. Definitely do not want a noisy clutch.


Im looking at the competition clutch stage 2 kit. Any others I should consider?

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Competition clutch stage 2 kit has a significantly heavier clutch feel than stock. I hate mine in traffic. But other than that it chatters a bit in first on hill start engagements. It's a good clutch but definitely heavier pedal feel and a bit of noise.

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FWIW, my center diff did the same thing. New Viscous coupling and all new bearings. This happened Dec 2015.

I have a post here some where about it.


My fluid was gray color, it was the last of my Extra-S. :(


For a clutch, get a Spec 2+, I love mine, it has a light pedal like the stock clutch in my Spec B.

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