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Koni Insert Problem...


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Hey all,


I'm looking to see if anyone out there who had Koni inserts using the LGT struts as donors has had the same problem as myself.


Long story short, the clunking that I have going on has been narrowed down to the strut. But specifically to the space between the insert and the hollow donor strut that sits just barely behind the rubber. The teeny tiny gap is allowing movement of the donor strut to rub against the Koni insert.


Picture is below.


I've searched and some people have said to tighten the screw on the bottom of the Koni insert but I don't believe it will help in my case because this is side to side movement not up/down.


I'm most likely going to remove the front assemblies completely and go back to the stock lgt struts.




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Sounds like your donor struts were cut too short. The Koni insert has bumps along the circumference that center it in the strut housing when the bottom bolt is tightened, drawing the insert into the housing.


I had seen those bumps along the Koni insert in the install pics so I understand.


Underdog you have any donors lying around?

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Couldn't you remove the insert and add another rubber bushing or o-ring deeper in the housing to stabilize them? I was actually looking into getting the Koni set. If you end up wanting to sell them please let me know.


I wouldn't trust that, and it would probably only last for so long. But the other front strut on the passenger side is JUST starting to leak oil I believe so I doubt you'd want them. I'd have to see if Koni has a warranty still available for them. I doubt it - specially since I'm not the first owner.

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