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Will a 2003 wrx Turboxs ecu fit 05 LGT????!?!?!

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This is wayyyyyy cheaper



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That still doesn't change the fact that it's not going to work. The 2003 WRX has an EJ20, you have an EJ255. They are two completely different control systems with separate logic and parameters for their respective sensors and inputs.


If you want to tune your car get a Tactrix cable and tune open source, or get an AccessPort.

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sorry but with any turbo subaru, there are no cheap options. These cars just plain cost more to modify than most other platforms. in any turbo application, tuning is the most important place to spend money. get a quality tune on the car, this is the last place you want to buy on the cheap. the best way to build these cars with any kind of money saving tactic is to look out for used parts in the classified section.
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