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Love the way the 5th gen OB looks

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First Outback to catch my attention was when the 2nd gen just came out. First one I bought was a 3rd gen (2005) but I liked the 2nd better. 3rd has grown on me (I'm on my second, 2009) and I REALLY didn't like the 2010 generation. Up high, looks like an SUV, don't like the lights nose or front grille...


...then the 5th gen OB arrived. I love it so much. It's like the best of the 2nd and 3rd. It's back down where it belongs, looks like a wagon again. Tail lights look incredible and flow nicely between the hatch and fenders. Front grille back to looking more like the 08/09 style.


I've invested a lot of parts and money to keep my 09 running nicely for a long time, but if I lived a life of luxury I would rather be souping up a 5th gen.


No offense to anyone who likes the thyroid-challenged 4th gen ;)

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