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Question on posting links to other forums

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Hey LGT admins,

I have a second gen legacy, and as such certain information is hard to come by in any one place.

I have chosen this forum to be my home forum for a build journal and wanted to know if I am allowed to post links or mention other forums. For example, I recently completed a DIY for installing heated seats in a second gen from SLI, but I also filmed the install and wanted to make a more comprehensive DIY. I want to give credit to the person who made the original DIY and think it would best serve the legacy community to be able to link or at least mention the other forum as a source for information. Mostly I'd rather not have to retype everything lol, but also think it's important to have the information hosted in more than one location because second gen's don't get much love these days.

I searched this sub forum and read the rules and didn't see anything specific, but want to make sure I'm not going to do something that is frowned upon.




Can I post a link to another forum and/or quote a DIY from another forum to add video and extra documentation.

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Is there any indication that you've found that this wouldn't be ok? I've seen plenty of forum threads cross-posted on here, including posts from NASIOC, Outback forums, Forester forums, and BRZ/FR-S forums.


If this was an issue, than a lot of people would be violating it, including other moderators.

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