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Gauging Interest - 18G turbo and EWG Header

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My apologies for starting another thread but I thought this would maximize exposure. Some of you may have seen my post about considering putting the car up for sale. I'm still not sure about that, but another path I may take is to bring it a little closer to stock as I might be able to realize more cash selling the car and some of the major upgrades separately instead of as a package deal.


That being said, I may consider dropping my stage 3 setup and (ideally) selling it is a package deal. This would include:

- Custom ceramic-coated EWG header

- Billet 18G turbo

- TiAL MVS external wastegate


Pics can be found here:



New, these parts cost me in excess of $2400. I would like to see somewhere around $2000 for the package.


Again, this is not a for-sure thing, but I'm keeping options open. If no one has interest is buying the full setup, I would then sell each piece separately. I'm not looking for absolute commitment yet, but if there seems to be interest, I think I will go forward with doing this.


Any potential takers?

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No!!!! Don't do eett!!!


My thoughts exactly. I would hate to see that beauty not stay as it is. Good luck with your decision Jackal. I understand your dilemma, but that doesn't mean I can't hope you do not sell the car.


Appreciate it guys. At this point, I did put it up in the Classifieds but in more of a 'Gauging Interest' fashion than a truly motivated seller. We'll see what happens but if I don't get any interest, I'm okay with that. :cool:

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I reallllllyyyyy wish that was the ETS header :( what kind of numbers did you gain from it?


I don't have a good way to compare directly because when it went on, so did the billet 18G turbo. Now, from what I've read and been told, the 18G shouldn't necessarily make more power than the 20G I had previously, it should just spool a little quicker. The best I can do is show my Virtual Dyno plots of pulls in comparable weather. These were performed on the same stretch of road so they should be somewhat apples to apples. The only other difference beside the 18G turbo and EWG are the fact that I also have full TBE for the 18G pull (I had the stock midpipe on the 20G pull).


My guess is that even though the design is not as clean as ETS, it is still contributing to some power increase beyond what the turbo is doing. I do have the ceramic coating which should keep some heat energy in the exhaust.


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