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Light metal rattling/buzzing noise while acelerating

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Hi Everyone, 3 months ago i became a proud owner of 2004 legacy 35th anniversary edition- i love that car a lot (especially cause its my first car:spin:)

From time to time it makes a thin rattle mettal on metal noise when aceelerating (more like buzzing) and recently i noticed its some times doing it when i turn left and accelerate. I know its hard to explain on the paper, but it sounds like a small rock(inside) kicking the sides of the metal pipe. The sound can go away for couple weeks and then come back and than again leaves:eek:


:mad:What i did: I took the heatshields off, not the one from the manifold tho i bielive. Also check catalitic for pieces:redface:

:confused:It sounds like: small rocks in a pipe, or like someone pulled a guitar string and hit it with a metal stick

:eek:Timing: Can dissapear for couple of weeks than come back for couple days and dissapear again

:eek:Possition:Front - under the car before the engine bay, may be a little to passenger side

:eek:Loudness: I can hear it inside when music is not playing, and when i open the window its pretty lound whe the sound reflects from cars nearby!

Forgot to mention: It only rattles when driving, when pressing gas on parking it doesnt!




Thanks a lot!

I hope we can figure it out together)) cause mechanic cant find the source!:eek:

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Sounds like the heat shields that are around the manifolds themselves.. You can try to crimp the ends or just use hose clamps.



i was thinking about manifold, also forgot to mention

It only rattles when driving, when pressing gas on parking it doesnt!

Can you tell me how can i access the manifold to do this job better?

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