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Keyless Entry Fob Malfunction

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2008 subaru legacy SPEC B

I few days ago my key fob completely stopped working. Figured was a ez fix change the battery and problem solved. Switched the new battery into both key fobs and same thing none of the button functions are working. I found a post on NASIOC for key fob keyless entry reprogram reflash. I preformed the reflash with no issues and still nothing is working. All door and windows are working from inside the car. The alarm is also working by locking the doors from inside the car and closing door. The horn beeps and lights flash telling me the alarm is armed. Iam thinking its the keyless entry module but can't track down a thread on location or part number to replace it. Could it be a fuse or something simple. Any advise on what to do would be great appreciated. Cheers and God bless.

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