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2010 3.6R Rough Shifts and P1710 Code


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A few weeks ago I was driving home from work and as soon as I pulled out of our lot the revs shot up immediately followed by a loud bang and the car jumping forward. Thinking it was a differential/driveshaft/trans issue I went home and put it up on four jackstands and let it idle in 1st, put it back down and couldn't get the problem to come back. Today (~3 weeks later) ran into the exact same problem, but this time it threw a CEL, and also flashed the "cruise" indicator, it even showed "-" for gear. Scanned it and got codes P0700 and P1710, turbine speed sensor two. Limped it to a parking lot and checked the ATF level and it was REALLY high, like the entire cold low to hot high range above high. Transmission hasn't been touched since it was flushed ~50,000 miles ago (I think, according to dad) and ATF was fine when I checked it in the spring. Any ideas?
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Sorry for the late reply. Just wanted to link to a fix in case someone stumbles across this post.


If you have the p1710 code, it is due to "torque converter turbine 2 speed signal circuit malfunction". This is a small HALL effect sensor bolted onto the back of the valve body in the 5eat. In the '08 and up cars it can be replaced individually without needing to replace the entire valve body.


I found the fix on subaruoutback forums here: https://www.subaruoutback.org/forums/109-gen-3-2005-2009/499945-repair-p1710-hard-shifts-5eat.html


The thread also has a couple of links where you can buy the sensor which is about $100 and looks identical to the stock sensor. There is also a DIY-type fix posted with a generic HALL efect sensor you can get from Amazon.


Hope this helps someone.

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