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2006 wagon: Evaporator core replacement

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The local Subie shop quoted me over $1000 to replace my condenser coil, so I bought a tester and confirmed that the leak is in the evaporator. Now that I've confirmed they're not only pirates, but that they're incompetent pirates, I figure I may as well make good use of my unemployed status and swap it out myself.


Given the OEM part is almost $500 and I can do an aftermarket for 1/10 that, I'll be taking the cheap route.


Any particular gotchas to watch out for? Specific bushings or o-rings to have on hand before starting?


Also, I've never disassembled my dash before, and I can't find an '06 service guide. Would it be closer to the '05 or the '07?

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Welcome to the forum, this will help.




For dash removal... check out the interior forum there's a thread there about the dash rattle. trying to get it but having trouble getting to it now. damn laptop,



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For anyone coming this way later on, the hardest part was that the evaporator coil is held on by two nuts and a bolt. The upper nut is deeeeeeep in a well, obstructed by the main structural bar across the dashboard. The stud protrudes too far to get a socket over it, and there isn't enough room to get a deep socket in there. Nightmare!


I managed to do it only by stacking up a socket, a hex-bit adapter (fitted loosely into the end of a socket to provide room for the stud), and a right-angle bit-driver.


Also, a steady stream of cursing for about 15 minutes seemed to help.

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Also, be very generous with the refrigeration oil when you reassemble the O-ring fittings. My reassembly left a leak at one of the o-rings. I eventually took it to an AC specialist shop, and the guy there told me that it's pretty common to have o-rings roll over a bit if they aren't quite lubed enough.
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