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XRT tuned the BXR6!

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I finally decided to pull the trigger on contacting Edward at Xtreme Racing Tuning, and have started the tuning process. My car being 3.0R, 5 speed Auto, there are not many options for tuning, and even fewer people who have any experience with this engine. Edward, however, is experienced with the H6 and with tuning the 5eat for faster and firmer shifts.


The process begins with getting your laptop set up and all necessary programs (RomRaider, ECUflash) installed. Edward is very helpful and can walk you through the entire process. Then you log data on your stock tune. You send this back to Ed, he sends back a tune which you load onto the ECU.


I noticed HUGE DIFFERENCE right away. The stock H6 5eat can have a lot of lag and kind of a dead spot below 3500-4000rpm. This all went away. In the rain, I could now spin tires off the line and powerslide :icon_mrgr

The shifting of the 5eat was also totally transformed. 1-2 upshift is barely noticeable, it's so fast and smooth. Revs don't drop or lag, and there is no delay, it just keeps pulling. The transmission no longer needs to downshift on the highway or at cruising speed. It pulls hard at 2500-3000


After logging data on V0, Ed did his magic, and sent me V1 of the tune, which I am currently running. Things have really gotten exciting.... Huge improvement in top end power, my Outback now pulls hard past 80mph, which it never did before. Sport# is nuts, and manual mode feels like driving a responsive manual transmission car. The term "slushbox" will never enter my mind again. I'll soon be data logging and looking forward to more improvements with V2.



While the tuning process is slightly confusing and complex at first, especially for a Mac user having to run Windows... Edward, in addition to the community of all his other customers, is always there to graciously help or answer any questions you may have. The experience is the perfect blend of professionalism and personal, friendly customer care.


I've wanted to get my car XRT tuned since I first got it and started reading the forums. So glad I'm finally doing it!

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I read good things about what they have done out of the 3.6 outback. They were making some impressive power with headers and exhaust.


I was looking to get my XT tuned. I hope which option I go with makes the shifts snappier. While the 5eat is worlds better than my 4eat was, Its still no stick shift.

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