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What Wrx exhaust will fit my LGT Sedan?

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afx dean,

just buy something made for your legacy.

theres plenty of options, you dont need to hunt for an Impreza exhaust that will fit.


welcome to owning a subaru.

don't do things half assed or try to be cheap about it.

youll end up paying a lot more for it later in damages.


if youre going to change the exhaust, you need a tune

...or you will be changing the motor after your shit blows up from poorly modifying it.


i have invidia 3 inch turbo back, uppipe too.

everyone seems to like the sound of my exhaust. :)

i love it!

my car is running a protune, but i also have an accessport.


if you dont have enough spare cash to get everything at once, i suggest this:

first buy a cobb accessport, marry it to your car and flash stage 1. (i assume youre 100% stock now) ride that around for a bit.

then when you get more cash buy a downpipe and you can flash to stage 2.

then you can get the back half of the exhaust later and the up pipe too.


take your time, do it right.

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Thanks everyone for replying. What's funny is I just figured out how to reply. Diavolo I like your approach I didn't everything cheap on my GTI and I regret it now. My wife is buying me the access port and I'll use there stage one before I have a local place put a custom tune on. The downer is in Alaska we only have 90 octane as our premium. I'm going to do the invidia DP and holy eff those are pricey. After that I'm going to have a local muffler shop do 3" to the axles and 2.5" after



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I have straight pipes on my catted Outback XT. NOT loud at all.




Yeah I had deleted my resonators and cut off the mufflers it's not really loud but it sounds like a boxer now at least. The straight pipe STI's around here are SOOOO loud I love it.



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