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Vehicle Valuation

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UGH! Three weeks of ownership (two weeks of driving - I was out of town for a week) and some 3itch rear ends me! The car is completely drivable, repair estimate is $4,600 at a local reputable shop that has done work for me before.


The problem is MD state law says if the repair estimate is 75% of the value of the car, they have to total it...and therein lies the rub: my (usually very good) insurance company - USAA - and I do not agree on the value of the car. They say it's $6,650 and keep using non-XT comps, and the few XTs they use are automatic and high mileage (mine now has 88,xxx miles). When I did their work for them and showed a national search (currently showing about 5 OBXTs for sale with 5-speed and under 100,000 miles) they say "but they are not all 2005 and are more than 100 miles from your home". To say I'm frustrated is an understatement! I just want my car back...


Looking for any advice or experience with providing the insurance company with documentation showing real world value. I'd rather not go down the road of a law suit with the person who hit me - but to be out of pocket to the tune of several grand just ain't right!


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