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P2007 TGV sensor or motor?

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Hey everyone. I think I have read through all the forums regarding tgvs but I need further help. I have a 2005 legacy gt running cobb stage 2+ with a history of trouble. Regardless of that, the code p2007 is active. Absolutely zero power so I believe the tgv on bank two is 100 closed.

I had my car running today for about 20 minutes

Turned it off. Disconnected the bank two sensor, sprayed with wd40 then reconnecited.

Started car - code still on

Used accessport, cleared code

Restarted car, code gone.

Test drove cat, worked great, lots of power.

Car off for about an hour and a half.

Turn on, code back.


So I at least know that the valve isn't really stuck or gummed up, but I am confused as to if the senor is gone or perhaps the motor? I plan to disconnect the motor and spray it with wd40 as well. Either way, I have read that some times after the car warms up, the code will go away, what does this mean? Anyone have some words of wisdom? Should I just order a new motor and sensor for the valve?


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I have a broken sensor connector on the passenger side. My Tuner just deleted the CEL. Car drives great.



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