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Starting a 2009 in cold weather

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Hi, I have a 2.5i with around 90,000 miles but in good driving condition. I recently moved to Anchorage, AK from WV. Prior to the move I had the oil changed to synthetic as I had read it performs better in very cold weather.


I keep the car in my garage but at work there is only outdoor parking. Last couple nights it has been 0 - 10 degrees F. When I start it in the cold after work it turns over fine but makes a loud, high-pitched rattle for a split second until I turn the key back; sounds fine after that. Never noticed this in warmer weather and sounds like it would be damaging. Is this maybe from the oil thickening up?



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Does the noise stay on if you don't turn the key back?


I suspect what you're describing is the starter hanging. It surprised me too after I bought my 2009 Legacy. I guess they have to be taken apart and greased or something. I haven't gotten around to that.



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Read that link above, its easier then it sounds to take the starter apart and grease it.


I believe there are some good pictures in there.



Scratch that, here's the link I thought he posted. I didn't read the link in post 2.



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