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XTACY - Photo Journal


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Hello everyone


For my 100th post i figured id make it a good one and start a photo journal/build thread of sorts for the story of my 2008 Outback XT Limited, XTACY.


Current car look (picture from WBM 2016)





CNT DP catless & wrapped

Custom 2011 STi mufflers

Composite TGV deletes

Air pump delete



Perrin inlet

Lava heat blanket


Opensource tuned ~18psi



Megan rear toe arms

Whiteline rear camber kit

LGT rear camber arms

Brembo f/r calipers

stoptech quite pads/rotors

rear brembo conv. bracket

custom rear ebrake pads

(Summer setup)

LGT Strut housings (front)

Koni yellow shocks/struts

H&R sport springs

Project Kics 15MM 5x100->5x114.3 adapters

cut studs :mad:

2011 STi 18x8.5 BBS wheels

245/40R18 Pirelli tires

(Winter setup)

OBXT KYB struts

OEM Springs

1" poly spacers

Sti BBS 17x8 Wheels

Blizzak 225/60R17 Tires



Custom rear bumper for exhaust

LGT roof rails

LED interior lighting

Nexus 7 tablet w/ Btssm running Timur kernal



I found the car on craigslist late December 2013 and brought it home new years day 2014, in a very frightening 10 hour trip in a blizzard. I made the trip based off this one picture :/



The story alone is kinda interesting, the guy was being very sketchy over the phone and i had limited info on the car before showing up to see it at a shop that had diagnosed the problem and removed the engine. The guy that owned it was some sort of parole officer or something and the car was actually loaded by a pair of cons of some sort, jump suits and all. To my luck, the guys at the shop were actually working on the holiday and loaded the motor for me as well! After we had left the guy text me and said thank you and apologized for being sketchy, but apparently he was worried that i might be tied to some inmates and it was a setup or something. :rolleyes:


Pictures from the trip home:




Once home it was disassembly time, the engine was a total loss, the women that owned must had driven it for days after it spun a bearing as much metal as there was in it.



$1200 little to no history motor was found and purchased. Supposedly a 60k mile wrx motor purchased out of a junk yard and never used.



Upgrades purchased:



Inlet & TGV deletes





Engine assembly began & completed:




Installation was next:




And at first start it was offical i now owned a running, driving 150k miles subaru outback 2.5xt!


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After a tune to make sure everything & a few other upgrades (ebcs & dw300) the car was making about 18lbs of boost and running like a champ.


Full detail was next!



Detailing gave me the idea for what i believed to be the perfect exhaust would look like. (and thanks to my tuner, Graham @ Boosted Performance Tuning the exhaust i was looking for was donated to the cause). And after some help from my dad and a long days work it was a reality.









More parts were acquired for the next step, wheels, suspension, and brakes:

Koni's w/ H&R springs




Brembo's via my STi & Project Kics adapters


2011 STI wheels & tires


Couldn't even wait to try them on lol


And even my sti got to feel some love for a bit!



Then it all came together!!!




Throw on a gd hawkeye ebay lip



And finally:


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Couple questions if you dont mine?


How loud is the exhaust, and are you running the stock midpipe? I have a SPT exhaust for sale close to me, but I have read a ton of horror stories on the drone from them and most Legacy exhausts on the wagons. I don't really want to hack apart a nice exhaust. I'm looking for just a little extra rumble, but don't know if I want to go the nameless muffler delete as that is a bit loud.


Also, did you get a foreign OBXT bumper or did you modify the stock one for the tips?


I love those STi wheels on the outback.

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Also, did you get a foreign OBXT bumper or did you modify the stock one for the tips?



That's a modified USDM bumper. You can tell from the depth of the bumper. JDM/EDM bumpers are about half the depth and they don't have the black section on top by the tailgate (unless they have an accessory protector, which doesn't run the full width).

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Stock mid-pipe. Currently the exhaust does not give me problem while driving the car, if i remember correctly i can't even really hear it in the car (and i have a stock intake box), but outside its nice and throaty, and almost obnoxious when cold.


However i do currently have a SPT gen 2 midpipe that i plan on putting on, although it will not be a straight bolt on and i will have to modify the inlets on my mufflers again. Really not looking for sound and hope its not to loud, more of the looks of the big shiny pipe.


Stock outback bumper was modified, its more of a form fit over the tips, not just an opening.



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Hey, we got tuned by the same guy! You're lucky you live near his shop, I have to wait till he comes out to Chicago when I want stuff done. Those 2011 STi wheels really look gorgeous with the white exterior color.

MTBwrench's Stage 3 5EAT #racewagon 266awhp/255awtq @17.5psi, Tuned By Graham of Boosted Performance


Everyone knows what I taste like.
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Recently switched to my winter setup, went with black this year on the wheels! Left the 1" poly spacers out this year due to it being a super pain to get the rear struts to fit as it is, and the ride seemed worse with them in. Back on KYB's and stock springs.




Will get more photos later, i seem to have a clunk in the front right that i think is a top hat, so not driving it until that gets fixed.



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Couple additions to the wagon. She's back lowered down for summer now and i finally had a chance to add my mid pipe for that bling look from the back:



Short cold start/rev video:


Also last night completed my swap to paddle shifters w/ a 3.0R wood grain steering wheel. Pretty excited about this change. The momo wheel is also seamless which is awesome and where my old wheel was starting to show wear.


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