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2017 LegacyGT.com Calendar


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Hey guys, its a little late but its that time again. If you dont remember me I organized the calendar last year and I'm willing to do it again.


Is there enough interest in a calendar for 2017? If so, start submitting photos! Last year the cutoff was December 15th which meant that most of us did not get a calendar until mid January. So if we get this ball rolling fast enough we can make a cutoff December 1st.


Thoughts? I'll add some pics for attention tomorrow.





f you're interested, submit a photo, but please try to follow the guidelines set forth by LatentWagen and DocHolladay23:

  1. Post only one picture at a time; you may post more than once
  2. Vote for your favorite picture(s) by Thanking the individual post
  3. Pics with the most Thanks will be chosen for this year's Calendar
  4. Requests for a specific month: priority to the post with more Thanks
  5. Voting concludes ????????????

Additional criteria provided by Admin:


It's important that photos not display the license plate, but that's each member's call.


However, the typical picture "stipulations" apply. That is, each photo has to be your own photo, that it's not copyrighted by any photographer or archiving site, and if there are other vehicles in the photo, the other owners have to provide permission to use it. Photos which violate these criteria, cannot be added to the mix.

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Awesome! I added the rules to the first post, basically, submit your photos here for everyone to vote on.


ONE PICTURE PER POST PLEASE!! Otherwise we cannot judge properly so it wont be accepted. Once we get some winners for the calendar I'll coordinate getting the high res pics from everyone

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It's important that photos not display the license plate, but that's each member's call.


Quick Question on this. If it's our car its our call on the license plate being visible right?

2005 Vader Wagon

Material Tests on Ringland Failure Piston

I should have held off and purchased a wagon instead of the spec.B
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I've already posted this pic on here when I first got my 2012 LGT and everything was stock. Nothing fancy but maybe a tribute to the very last year of the LGTs? Hell, that's why I bought it...



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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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