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CV axle reboot (front inner)

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So I knocked this out the other night took probably 2 hrs total 1hr looking for a shitty knife to ruin and the other hour cleaning parts and driving to get a new boot.


I just wanted to make it public how dumb I am and tell others not to be as dumb .so after cutting the boot off and getting the retaining ring off the cup and the circlip off the top of the shaft to get the part off to slip the boot on. I filled the cup up with mineral spirits and threw everything with grease in it.



There are bearing that top tri bearing thing on top of the shaft it was covered in grease I didn't see them and the pic in my manual showed it without those bearings so I thought there were none. It only showed the rings around the bearings. The retaining c clips on those bearings are nearly impossible to get off. As in I didn't and am gonna hope the mineral spirits I got trapped in them won't break down the grease to much and destroy it.


And my cups showed some wear but it was smooth so didn't care really.






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