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Intake options

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Go super rice like I did, a K&N intake off of a foxbody 5.0 mustang with an autozone cone filter! Band clamp that whore into the stock air res box (Where yer wires go into, need wires and shit to make your car work. Trust me). Then, bandclamp that autozone 12$ filter to the end, make sure it's tight or it'll fall off. Trust me. THEN! Ziptie the charge piping that is all shiny to whatever you can close to it to keep it from scratchin' up your engine bay. Trust me. Instant 36 horsepower to the crank and -13.9 to the wheels.


In all seriousness, use stock, maybe replace the plastic ducting for a charge pipe if you want, and if your handy at fabbing, bung the sensor into it (I don't know, I'm not a scientist.) But the stock airbox and chute that subaru made are the best design we can get. A nice high quality airfilter is nice.


Also, Weapon R makes "Cold air intakes"


Now, if you're talking P&P's, or large throttle bodies, or rebored intake manifolds. Save your money and do a turbo swap.....Trust me.

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