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Always Wanted a Subbie, Finally Got One!


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I traded in a 36 mo lease on a 14 Chevy Cruze early, after a bad breakup to rid myself of the final joint purchase. Never imagined that I would ever own a Subaru, nevermind a Legacy. I have always loved them since the late 90's!







I'm excited to see who has mods! (I work in the aftermarket industry so it is always #1 priority lol)





Tstat (IDK if this means as much as they do on domestics)






I'm down for all suggestions as well, so fire away!

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Welcome to the family. So glad to see the excitement! Subaru Legacy owners are definitely a a different breed. You chose a great color and it looks really clean!


Remember that all mods are your own personal preference. I personally like the simple tasteful mods and nothing too flashy. Afterall, it is your car and you want to get a little more fun out. It's up to you on how you want that fun!


One thing I would do right away is just get under the hood and get a feel for whats there. Maybe replace the air filter with a K&N drop in for now. Clean the mass air flow sensor. Small things like that.


Some of the 6th gen owners showed me a pretty affordable drop in JDM grill for about $400.


I don't follow the 6th gens too much so I can't suggest much else. I don't know what aftermarket parts are out there, especially since it's such a new car.

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Congrads! Getting our fourth one Monday (tomorrow)... I still have a 15 Legacy and now a 17 Outback. You will love yours. After decades of autos (also have a Panamera) and 911s etc I can advise you to just remember the Legacy you got is a GREAT AWD car, excellent fuel mileage , reliable .... but it s not a race car. I would make yours look a little nicer with wheels, you already have the tints and maybe a tune down the road(best bang for the buck performance wise). Don t want to mess with the warranty when you consider that. Tstat, I wouldn t bother, subi has them engineered very well the way they are. CAI- waste. Look at the current system, it already draws cold air front the front. It is designed to pull more air than these little engine can use(again, engineered already). Drop- might look nice but if heavy snow is intended a lot then the height helps. Grill- it s just looks but up to you. Exhaust- too much money for not much IMO.

Something you might consider is the one size up rear sway bar. A DIY mod, not expensive and helped to make it a little tighter on the highway.

Hey, it s your car and your $ and I love to mod also. Have fun!

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I hear you on the springs, but they are far less expensive than a set of 19 or 20's to fill that fender gap. I have driven all subcompacts or RWD sports cars in winters so I am sure that I can handle lowering the Legacy 1.3" front and rear.... I am more fascinated I guess is the right word by the sway bars. IDK if the ride would become too tight.
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the larger wheels or lowering the car will be far more of a stiff ride than the sway bar BTW.




Not really. I have 20s and a rear sway bar on mine. I'm going to reinstall my front strut bar. If anything it makes the car that much more fun to drive. I can't tell you how many cars I pass by and other Legacy and the things I've been able to do with that car.


The road noise is there but it's not bothersome at all. The only you should really worry is knowing that your mpg will drop. I'd probably just invest in solid performance tires and have fun. I hated my car at first but just doing a few mods so far as made it so fun to drive. I'm going to lower mine in the near future just gotta save up for it.



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no rear only... fronts are large enough.




SSD performance has a front strut bar that actually does improve the handling of the car. I'd look into it, I had one then took it off but will be reinstalling it.



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