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Offical Regal Blue Pearl Thead Volume-2


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"I still can't believe how small the stock wheels and tires look when switching from 235/45/17 to 215/45/17."




small, yeah but they stock wheels look awesome I think.. I am starting to like them again more and more.. I got my first LGT 5-6 years ago and have not run the stock wheels in almost as many years but I am using them again now for winter and I'm happy.. wider stock wheels would be even better

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thanks magnuson. zazzle gives me this error:


The product that you have requested is unavailable. This is likely because:


  1. You do not have access to the product (login)
  2. The product ID is not valid
  3. The product was deleted




Do I need to log in to zazzle to see it? is there a post on this forum with all the pics?

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Hi I am new to the legacy world. Ive owned 03 sonic yellow WRX and 04 silver Forester XT. Just bought a 05 royal blue legacy gt limited.

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v233/Siquaba/20170402_112846-2_zpsjhzucoi7.jpg' alt='20170402_112846-2_zpsjhzucoi7.jpg'>

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Welcome to the new guys, both look like clean cars! Take good care of those RBP legacy's, only one year of this color and we all need to rep it well.



Will do! Traveled 8.5 (600miles) hours one way to get mine. Needs some tlc and love. Atm just trying to get it mechanically sound. Then since I work at a body shop gonna do some PDR and fix the driver fender and front clip. Ill be posting more pictures once I get it all buffed out.

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