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Need to see the hooked up wagons!!!!!!! Volume-2


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What exhaust is that?


Custom made Axleback from a local shop here in Utah called Simple Performance. People who get their exhaust done by them they call the "Walter Special". It's hard finding the exhausts I want so I did this until I find what i'm looking for.


It looks like a loud exhaust, very loud.


Actually, it's not bad at all. Resonator and muffler deletes and it has one of the deepest non raspy UEL tone i've ever heard. It makes me almost not want a Greddy Evo 2 or Stromung.

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I have a DGM wagon although it's a 2.5i automatic. I love the color!


Desperately trying to find DGM Wagons, got it a couple months ago. I have a ways to go before it becomes a really presentable car, need to buff the whole car as well pull hail damage dents. Here are some pictures I got though.


SublimeJoe your OBXT got me falling for wagons, I already loved them but that picture of you turning with the sun roof fully open next to the cop got me.





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What kind of rear lights are those? The lights on the hatch.

OEM. The hatch garnish is a JDM facelift piece where the reverse light and rear foglight are moved up to be inline with the taillights.

2005 Vader Wagon

Material Tests on Ringland Failure Piston

I should have held off and purchased a wagon instead of the spec.B
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Now with only a day left in the auction, I'm getting cold feet about letting it go. Not concerned about the price as I'm sure it would go to a good owner, but more concerned about what in the HECK do I get next vs just trying an engine swap and keeping it, decisions decisions.
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Just installed my Tein Flex CM coilovers (still need to connect my EDFC) and 18" Work Emotion Kiwami's. Rolled and pulled my rear fenders today -- kind of wish I'd sized up in tires, but I definitely have NO chance of rubbing currently. Gonna roll the front fenders tomorrow and lower the front coils another 0.25"

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:lol: Nice, what are the wheel specs? I like the look of them with the mild concave. The only setups I can remember that I've seen on LGTs are without concave.


18x9.5 +38, square


Ordered 3mm spacers though because the barrel JUST rubs the seat of the spring on my coilovers :spin: -- then it will be +35 ET

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