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Official Obsidian Black Thread Volume 2


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Mmm crispy! Top photo is my favorite. What is his wheel/tire set up? Is he on here?

17x9 +35 gramlight 57DR 255/40 hankook ventus RS4


I don't think he's on here but his IG is @thespeedwagon


Great pics!


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Thanks! A bit tricky to take these but they turned out well.

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Hey. I don't really know how to use this site or really anything about it, but, here's my legacy. I have more modding plans in the future but it's bone stock right now. The only thing I've done currently is put my summers on OG Superleggas, I have bronze winters that I'm in the process of painting now.



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I'm on the West side of the cascades but if you're planning a drive can I bring my bugeye?


Absolutely! Unfortunately, I won't be able to participate in this until next February. So I haven't started planning it.


Sub to this thread in the case that it gets put out in there:


MILKRUN photo album - Click Here
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I love how the obp flakes make the pollen pop






Freshly rinsed in on car wash day for comparison:





Note that's with the water still sitting on the paint. It's not actually that good of condition lol.


And because I did installed the front lip today:



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