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TylerHartman's 2006 2.5i Wagon (SWP)

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Step one remove seats + Carpet


Step Two install Black Carpet + Run underseat sub wiring


Step Three install the Black leather buckets


Step four Enjoy


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  • 1 month later...

Replaced my Rear Wheel bearings, Sounds much nicer. Drivers side was pretty bad.



Also on Rockauto there's some Alloy LCA's posted for $53 so I had to buy one and make sure it was a legit Alloy arm and not a random stock photo..

So $53 Each on Rockauto get's you these Badboys. ULTRA-POWER CMS80181 & CMS80182


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  • 2 weeks later...

Went to a Car meet with some Subies



My Friend with a EJ205 Swapped 2.5RS Snapped me a picture on the highway




Painted my Alloy Arms with Por15 to keep them from looking nasty




Also Acquired a STI Genome Front Strut brace at the Auctions, Plan to get Bilstein's and Tires in the next few weeks.

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Some Updates for you guys


My new Facelift 08-09 Dash setup. Considering doing the 08-09 Steering column but I need to figure out how involved it'll be




Picked up this stuff this weekend for a total Steal






Finally got my passenger seat all connected correctly and My airbag light went away. (05 LGT LTD seat to 06 2.5i SE) Still need to sort out the Power seat part



Some Parts came in from the land of Greatness


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Good things come to ones that wait, At least Car part wise.. I Picked this Whole 08 LGT Limited 5EAT Steering Column With Paddles for $115. Yes that's $115 Shipped to my door. Let that sink in





So the Pick n Pull Yard near me just had picked up a 2010 Impreza 2.5i Premium so I went a took a Look and It had a Mint Wheel with SWC (like my 08LGT Wheel) But in almost brand new shape but the airbag was blown... So I went and picked that up and made sure it bolted up to my 05-07 Steering column. After that I Combined my 2008 LGT Rear Wheel cover with Buttons to my 2010 2.5i Wheel. Only Part I'm missing is the 08-09 Legacy or 08-14? Impreza airbag Cover.


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Parked next to an R32 Skyline at a Meet.



Hung out with some Legacy/Outback owners in city above me



Picked up these Audi A4 B6/B7 Endlinks for $5, Installing these this week.


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Considering Picking up a 08-14 STI Steering Linkage/Knuckle, After that, I'm getting Tires.


I have Ordered/Have the following below, Anything else you have to recommend post it below


Picked the Struts, Springs and top hats off of Cincy05LGT


-Bilstein HD Struts

-Epic Engineering Springs

-Front Spec B Top hats

-Whiteline Steering Rack Bushings KSR207

-3/8 Saggy Butt Spacers

-Audi B6/B7 Aluminum Endlinks for the Rear

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Got my Bushings and STI Steering Knuckle/U-Joint installed today. Wasn't too bad of a job, Would recommend lifting the car on stands instead of ramps Like I did. You need the rack to move a little bit. Ended up having my Mom just move the Steering wheel ever so slightly to get the bolt holes to line up after that it was smooth sailing. I haven't taken it on a good drive but just down the street and in the driveway I can already feel the steering is nice and more Responsive/More feedback. I love it.


My Front Sway bar Bushings don't look too good and my End-links feel looser than they should be, I'll be doing the Tribeca FSB Soon. Moog or Fancy Solid Frontend links?



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  • 2 weeks later...

Some Junkyard finds! I'll be making a Crown Vic Honeycomb grille soon


Installed minus the covers


Plasti dipped till I get other stuff together to paint


All done!



Quick side update! The Steering feels Incredible after the linkage and Rack bushings

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  • 3 weeks later...

Found a guy on Craiglist parting out a 2008 Legacy 2.5i Limited, So I went and got some more parts :p


08-09 Wood Trim


Door cards, the Driver's side isn't great but I can find a replacement later



Heated Seat switch and Extended arm rest (Isn't perfect, but in better shape then my normal rest)




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Small Update!

I have Aquirred 05-09 Legacy GT Front Calipers, Brackets, and Very low miles Front Pads for Cheap. Also picked up Rear EBC Yellow Pads for my 2.5i Brakes for a price I couldn't refuse. Later on I'll upgrade to the Vented 2.5GT Rear Setup but for now, this should be a solid improvement over my stock setup.


I need to Order Some Blank Rotors soon and paint for the Front Brakes. I'm considering doing Stoptech SS Lines up front while I'm at it.


I'll be installing my Billstein's once my Saggy butt spacers arrive. After that, I plan to get some Sway bars and possibly Endlinks.

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Won some Spec B Trailing arms for 3,400 Yen this morning.



My Friend sent me some Cheap Aero Spats so I guess that's happening soon too haha, More stuff I'm getting that requires paint the more i'm considering a Rear bumper and Facelift Garnish


Took a few pictures this week too






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Nice build, keep up the good work! Can't see the pics on the first page, but page 2 and 3 work fine.


Thanks! Sadly Photobucket ruined everything and I haven't gone thru and switched everything to Imgur. I will very soon


Like we discussed on sli, cool build !


Thanks so much:)

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I Picked up some Black Outback Cargo Walls, and Rear hatch fabric, Black Rear Seat Belts, and Rear Power Outlet. Sadly the Spare Tire cover Was missing but I did get the side parts. Getting closer to my fully Black Cabin

Here's some Picture's I've forgotten to upload

JDM Alloy Trailing arms


25mm FSB


05+ LGT Front Brake kit (316mm)


HK Speaker system


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