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Wheels That Fit The '05-'08 Legacy and Outback


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18x7.5 Advan Sienna Gen II. Not sure of the offset (maybe 51mm??)





did you get them on again since they've been painted or are you still waiting for valve stems?

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Rota Formula's are 18x8ET48. The pic of mine are in Charcoal Grey. The P1's are in Anthracite. I have Rota Group A's in 18x7.5ET48 in my garage in Steel Grey. I'll get pics up as soon as they get mounted.


Feel free to delete this post once you read it if you want to keep the thread clean.

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Thanks for the help on the attachments. I love legacygt.com! These are the oh so sexy Sparco NS6 wheels. They are 18x7.5" with a 48mm offset. I've had several friends ask if I lowered the car at the same time as getting the new wheels. The wheels just give that illusion.




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This great news! I have a set of RS snows combo from our 97LGT. I have been wanting to try them out, but have not gotten around to it. Could mean one less thing to buy this year (or more $ for the up/dp/accessport)! Wonder if they will fit against the coilovers and my current slammed ride height...hmmm...not out of the woods or off to the mt yet.


Thanks for the picture confirmation.



Here are the RS rims on! (16 x 7")


I ended up going with a 215/65/16 size rim. The perfect match would have been a 195 but no one makes a tires that thin with such a big sidewall. The tire/rim combo is considerably lighter :)

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I have a set of the Prodrive P7's on my OBXT and they are 18 x 8. No rubbing issues at all. Here are some pics:




Those are P1's and are 18x7.5 ET53. I know for sure, because I just sold a set of the same ;)

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