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Hey everyone,


So, let me give some background on where ! live. I live in a very outdoorsy/snowy city on the side of a hill in Northern Minnesota on the shores of Lake Superior. So you can imagine what the weather is like in the winter (+140" snow/yr). This means AWD reigns supreme, meaning Subarus are everywhere. The 2nd Gen Outback is easily the most common car hands down so obviously its pretty is easy to blend in... But I don't want to blend in


That said, I have a 2000 Outback Limited Wagon with a brand new 5spd. About 151,xxx miles at the time. I bought it as my first car just this past spring, and it was the only car I was looking for. Scooped it up for just $1000!! Better yet, head gaskets were already done :)



- RallyArmor Mudflaps

- Philips CrystalVision High Beams

- Philips CrystalVision Low Beams

- Nokya 2500K 55W Hyper Yellow Bulbs

- Right Mounted License Plate

- 17x8" 2012 WRX Wheels

- Falken Ziex 225/55/17 All Seasons

- OEM Rear Diffuser/Wing (scavenged from a totaled H6)

- Stickerbombed Crossbars/rails

- Subaru Hitch Mounted Bike Rack from the Factory

- UEL N/A headers

- Custom Header-Back exhaust, with a cat delete, featuring an MBRP 26" resonator and an SRS muffler w/ a 4" tip

- Hella sized horn cages (4) that I personally designed and 3D printed using ABS, with adapters(!), to turn the factory sized horns into Hella sized ones

- EZ Lip (Will install when it gets warmer)

- Factory Sub and Amp


In the works:

- 22T Engine swap (TD04, FXT TMIC)



- 03-04 Kouki Front Bumper Cover

- JDM Legacy Tailights and Center Garnish

- 16" Subaru Snowflake Wheels in Gold (Winter)

- 2+ Thule/Yakima Roof-Mounted Bike Racks

- Yakima LoadWarrior Basket

- Mesh Grille or a Grille Delete

- Pair of Behind-Grille Round Driving Lights (High Beams)

- Repair rust above 2 of the 4 wheelwells- typical for MN subies


Anyways, more to come!!


Day 1


Yellow Fogs and Mudflaps



Wheels/Spacers and the Wing





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A few random pictures from this summer. And since I started listing stages of modifications in my last post, the mods of the summer were custom vinyl eyelids, and a full engine back exhaust with UEL's, cat delete, MBRP resonator, and SRS muffler with a 4" tip









And I picked up another Outback!! I bought this Gen 1 already 22t swapped and I am currently in the middle of swapping the 22t into my much less rusty and dented Gen 2 wagon


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