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New Member With 98 Legacy Brighton

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Just acquired my 2nd Subaru a Legacy Brighton w/ej22 - My first was a 93 impreza I never should have gotten rid of - oh, well). Anyhow, not wanting to be the new guy whose first post asks about a coolant leak issue (which I have) I would just like to introduce myself and say hello - Now I'm off to find the search function:)
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1998, green, automatic, 145k miles , 2.2 100% bone stock - Bought with the intention of fixing up and giving to my Son as a first car when he starts to drive in a year and a half. Started running hot shortly after I bought it and found out its leaking coolant. Had HG, timing belt, water pump etc... Replaced only to find out she still leaks coolant from somewhere. Car runs awesome just need to keep an eye on the coolant level - Neither I or my mechanic can figure out where it's leaking (disappearing) from. Apart from being obsessed with Subues - the primary reason for joining this Site is to Figure this out
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did you replace the t-stat?

did you use an after market t-stat.

you need to use a subaru t-stat.

check this first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


imho, a 17 year old subaru t-stat is better than a new aftermarket t-stat.

my experience is limited,

but i have NEVER seen a bad subaru t-stat.

i have seen and heard of lots of t-stat problems after replacement,

but never when using a subaru t-stat.

lots subaru t-stats are replaced as preventive maintenance.

and lots are replaced in the ej25 cars because of head gasket overheating,

but i have never read where an overheating condition was corrected by replacing a suabru t-stat.

end of rant.


common leak points, in no particular order:

rad cap

hose to rad overflow bottle


t-stat gasket

water pump , did you replace this?

top and bottom rad hoses, obvious, duh!

heater hoses to fire wall (rubber)

metal heater hoses on top and side of block going to rubber heater hoses.


i would park the car over a clean piece of cardboard after you drive it home from work,

and leave it running while parked.

some leaks only happen at running temp.


if you still can't find any leaks, drips,

buy some ''dye'' and a black light.

if you can't find the leak that way,

you don't have one.


check the t-stat,

after market ones will make the car over heat.

over heating can cause coolant loss by pushing more coolant into the over flow than it can hold.

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I bought the car with 141k after driving about 500 miles the temp started going up / I had my mechanic look at it and he found HCs in the coolant - he also did the the timing belt and water pump. When I got it back it was having same issue (loosing coolant) - he can't find leak. The system is holding pressure- he put in Subaru conditioner but I'm still loosing coolant - seams like I loose it faster if I'm driving long periods at 80mph



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