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Best aftermarket headlights W/ no condensation.

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So I'm prepared for potential flaming but I think my request is fairly legitimate. Ive looked at several postings about DEPO and TYC, but I'm looking for more first hand experiences with tyc and other brands. I've had multiple bad experiences with DEPO. I put a set of DEPO euro style projector headlights on a lancer which allowed condensation to collect inside brand new. The Honda guys had this problem with DEPO projector headlights so I used their fix (a bead of clear RTV around the seam) and it worked well.


So a week or so after I had done HID's on my 05 LGT I noticed a crack in the right headlight lense, and condensation in the headlight. There was none in the driver headlight and I had used the same method on the dust caps for both sides.


So to fix the condensation issue I replaced the headlight. Thinking the the condensation issue was limited to the euro style projector headlights, and because I thought I had gotten a good deal I bought a DEPO replacement, which what do you, know lets in condensation!!! I tried running a bead of RTV around the seam and making sure my dust cap is not leaking so far no luck condensation still finds its way in. Not going to lie this is really stressing me out...


So what brands have you guys used, any issues with condensation, any recommendations for my current setup. I'm leaning towards a used oem, but in any case will not EVER be buying a DEPO headlight again.


Unless you've had good luck with the DEPO cleared headlights then maybe :lol:


P.S. I've baked enough headlights in my life that I'd very much like to never do it again.

P.P.S. Sorry for my long winded explanations and high maintenance diva conditions...:redface:

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Unfortunately the best way would be to bake and reapply the sealent. That or get OEM jdm's which have a decent projector for hids.

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If you want to avoid baking then you should buy used or JDM lenses - depends on how much you want to spend.


I thought that'd be the case:lol: so my best bet for replacement purposes is a used OEM ideally I shouldn't get any condensation, but if I want an upgrade go JDM? Correct?


Does anyone off hand have a good walk through for the JDM headlights I thought I saw one but couldn't view any of the pictures. What's involved?

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