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HELP!!! 2005 Outback 3.0R Sedan (EZ30R)

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Hello everyone,


I noticed my EZ30R engine was leaking oil so I took it into a shop to be looked into, thought it was a leaking RH valve cover, had that replaced and it is still leaking. It is being investigated for a possible cracked cylinder head....I am freaking out since I just bought this car and I'm looking at thousands of dollars for a new engine. Does anyone have advice or know where to find a new EZ30R engine? I am located in the Detroit area of Michigan.


Someone please help!



Thank you,





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I'd get a 2nd and 3rd opinion b4 dropping in a new engine....as this is a potentially EXPENSIVE repair, don't cheap out on getting it diagnosed correctly the 1st time.


If the head IS cracked, just replace the head. Not cheap but better than the whole engine.


If you still want a new engine - look on ebay or call your local Subaru dealer. There are ONLINE Subaru dealers that sell parts much cheaper, too.


Car-part.com and Ebay list USED engines and since these are usually more reliable than the used 2.5's I'd recommend finding a used engine over new.




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