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Aftermarket BOV or nah?

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Then get a car that isn't maf based. Seriously tho, they aren't good for the car. Runs rich on ups hits as your expelling metered air into the atmosphere. Get an adjustable bypass valve if you really need to (like GFB bpv) hear some noise, or go full on speed density tuning and do whatever u wish.


Search this forum and it's been answered thousands of times already....


Handy search method for google--

(enter search topic)site:legacygt.com


All sarcasm aside I like the sound as well. The adjustable bpv/bov allows you to get some of the noise without all the negative side affects. I run a Go Fast Bits Respons

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NO. Subaru = MAf based tune, you need to Recirc to keep things happy. You can vent up to 50% with out most problems arising. However I would stick with a recirc valve rather than VTA.


or get a Response valve and dial it in to your liking, however more than 50% is stupid. and can get dangerous on the tune.

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