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Bad Trans?

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Hey guys,


I am having a problem that sounds like it is coming from the transmission. The problem only happens once the car has been rolling for about ten minutes or so. The problem is this:


When turning sharp (into parking stall or making a U-turn) I get a LOUD clanking noise that also slows the car down and jolts when the click hits. It seems to be about every rotation of the wheel but the sound isn't consistent to one side or the other. Had my uncle listen to it with the hood open while I was turning and he said it sounds like it is coming from the transmission. The other thing that leads me to think it is the trans is when I down shift and the trans is slowing me down, I get a nasty grinding noise coming from the transmission. I have tried checking tie-rods (Inner and outer) and they don't seem to be the problem...


Thoughts? Hoping I am off key with the idea of trans problems..

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all the wheels should be able to be spun when they're off the ground but that's not the point, holding the axle in your hand still and spinning the wheel forward or back a slight bit you should be able to detect slop in the joint, when a sloppy joint turns, it will bind causing horrid noises and sometimes great resistance



is it a manual or auto, that would help.....?

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