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Fuse for sport mode?

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I vaguely remember there was a fuse you could put into the fusebox for the 2nd gen Legacies to force it into sport mode.


I'm nearing the end of life of my Legacy (1997 GT) and will be getting a newer model this month or next month, so I figure I have nothing to lose by trying this. I'm not sure if this is even a thing or just some kind of ultra-specific urban legend, but I have a couple of spare fuses of different wattage (7.5, 10, 15, 20, 30) and I really have nothing to lose. The damn thing squeals and squeaks and pops and hisses from all sides, so if this "sport mode" blows the engine I won't mind.


I've been searching a bit to try to figure out which particular spot that particular fuse occupies, but no luck. Is there more to it than just inserting a fuse? At this point this car has almost no trade-in value but I still love it to death and plan on keeping it as a snow beater, while I upgrade to a 3rd or 4th gen Legacy. I don't want to insta-gib it but if there's any chance of more driving enjoyment off it, I'll take the risk.


It's your average 1997 2.5L Legacy GT, head gaskets replaced, new timing belt, nothing else maintained.


PS: Deer have nothing on this car. It's not as pretty as it looks in the profile pic, anymore.

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No fuse involved. You ground one of the ecu pins. It's easy to install a toggle switch. Get a connector from a TCU that fits the ECU pin with a toggle switch in between, and the other end of the toggle switch grounds to the chassis or whatever location you choose.




Search for power mode mod second gen. Not sure what pin it is on your ecu.

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