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Wing to wingless trunk lid problems and questions

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How much does it cost to go from a winged trunk lid to a wingless trunk lid or is there a DIY way to do it? I really want to get a small lip on the trunk lid instead of having a wing.


I am on the trunk lid swap thread and I was also wondering if I did a trunk lid swap, would my trunk lid still unlock with my key fob, or would I have to find another way to get it open?


One last question as well, when I hold my key fob to unlock my trunk and my lights flash and my trunk unlocks I have to pull up on the trunk for it to completely unlock, otherwise it stays there and will not budge until I hold the fob again. Is this a legacy problem or a me problem? I always have to pull up the trunk to unlock it as the fob unlocks it, I can never use the lever inside my car to unlock my trunk because I have to literally pull my trunk up as I hold the fob or lever.


Thanks for reading and all input is appreciated

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I can't speak to the removal of the spoiler since my 06 did not come with one, but, what I did to fix the release not having enough spring pressure to properly unlatch was two-fold.

1-locate where the two rubber stoppers sit against the inside plastic thing and put a couple of stick-on felt pads like for furniture there on the plastic

2-in my case, my trunk seal was torn from the previous owner so I got a new seal

now my trunk is a little bit harder to close but it is tight enough to fully release the way it's supposed to so I consider it fixed

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