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2008 LGT sqeaking noise at low low speeds, humming noise at high speeds

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This issue has been driving me absolutely nuts! when I am driving say under 10 mph you can hear a distinct squeaking noise which seems to be coming from the front drivers side wheel area, and you can tell it makes the noise every time the wheel makes a full revolution. I have checked everything there and just do not know what it could be catching on.


The other issue irritates me as well. I have a loud humming noise coming from what seems to be the passenger side front tire this time when I am at speeds over 40 mph. It sounds like a bad wheel bearing, but I had replaced both front hubs a couple of months ago. I have checked to see if anything had come loose but no luck.


So there it is, weird annoying suspension noises. If anyone has any thoughts that would be cool.



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Check for a bent dust shield in relation to the squeak.


For the hum I was going to suggest wheel bearings but it seems you've already identified this. Check your alignment. Its possible you have bad toe or something that is causing strange tire noises. On my old car I had a bit off alignment and would get a humming at ~55 but tire rotations every 5k miles kepts it at a minimum.

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At first I thought the hum might be from my really bald summer tires, so when I switched to my winter wheels and tires and got a fresh alignement, I was hoping that was it but it still hums along, Ill check the dust shields again, those always bend easy.
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