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2010 Legacy CVT Torque Converter Swap


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So, my wife's 2010 Legacy 2.5i seems to have gotten the dreaded stalls when stopping issue. Originally I thought it was because her battery died and the car sat for a couple days before I could get a new battery in and I had to reset the fuel trims. No luck there. Problem has been getting worse, no codes, etc., just stalls periodically when coming to a stop.


Took it to my friend's shop, he called Subaru and it seems very likely (plus everything I have been reading on the forums) that it is a torque converter issue as noted in a TSB. How difficult is the swap? Similar to swapping out a clutch/flywheel assembly on a manual tranny? Any tips/tricks/pitfalls to know about beforehand? Going to tell my friend to order a new torque converter and hopefully we can install it next week if it comes in.




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