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Car troubles

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I recently replaced my 97 subaru legacy outback battery. When I connected the battery, the parking lights turned on. Second, when I put the key into the ignition, there's a beeping sound that starts immediately. When I try to start it up, it won't turn on. The only thing that works are the locks. The lights stay on regardless. I replaced the connectors. Has anyone dealt with this sort of problem?


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The car, doesn't come with a alarm, that I know of. What I'm confused about is that as soon as I connect the batter my parking lights come on. The beeping sound isn't the alarm but when I put the key into the ignition just a beep within the car like when you insert the keys and the doors open


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follow the instructions above.

it will work.


disconnect the battery

turn the key to ''start'' and let go.

connect the battery.

turn the key off.


you asked for help.

we have given you the solution.

now accept our help, and act.

this will solve your problem.

you are not the first.

if you do a search for 'battery, "parking lights" blinking (or flashing)'

you find many post asking and answering the same question.


good luck.

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ok, then try the virgin switch on top of the steering column.

if that does not help,

try the battery again, and make sure the key is in the run position,

not just the acc. position.


whenever the battery is re-connected,

the alarm / remote entry system assumes you are stealing the car,

unless you have the key or the remote key fob.


tell me again what the car is doing?

are the parking lights blinking?

is the head light switch on?

what connectors did you replace?

did you connect the battery up backwards? even for a second?

any sparking?


have you checked the slow blow fuses and fusible link in the fuse box under the hood?

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