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Knocking/thud when turning into parking space after long drive

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Hi Everyone,

I have a stock six speed 2010 2.5i Legacy Premium. After driving about twenty miles on the highway, I pulled into a parking space and heard some knocking coming from the front tires. The car slightly jerks a bit too when pulling into the parking space. It honestly feels like I'm back in my old 1997 Jeep Wrangler, and the big knobby tires are rubbing on the lower control arm. I honestly feel like it comes and goes too. After letting the car sit for a while, and pulling into another parking space, the knocking isn't as heavy. First time I noticed this was about 5 months ago after I had the front brakes/rotors done. I couldn't reproduce it after noticing it the first time, so I ignored it. Today - it's back.


Some Background:

Other than Oil Changes every 5k miles...

The tires have about 33k miles on them, and are wearing evenly. I've been rotating them 6k miles. I had the front and rear differential fluid changed 13k miles ago - only reason why I mention that is because I know the Transmission and Front Dif share the same fluid.


I did some searching, and everything I'm finding is pointing to the CV Joints. Could it be anything else?

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For me, it was the viscous coupling. You could only hear the thump when turning slowly into parking spaces. If you only hear it in these situations, and not when making turns in general, it's probably not a CV joint. When CV joints fail, they tend to be more of a clicking noise heard anytime you turn. Ended up being around $900 to repair at a shop, if I recall. This was on my 2003 Legacy with manual transmission, and it happened around 90,000 miles.
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