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'05 GT Limited purchase...questions...

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I have an opportunity to purchase an '05 GT limited wagon, 5 speed, every option availble on the car....


The vehicle was parked about 6 years ago with 25000 miles on it. Simply due to age, I thought I'd have all the belts done, including water pump and timing. The rotors were new when parked, and likely can be brought back along with some new pads. New tires are a given.


Drain and flush all the fluids, including the fuel, all new associated filters, etc...


Anything else to specifically address with it having sat for so long? The vehicle is in excellent condition. Interior like new, never wrecked, and until being parked, properly maintained.





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Hey folks, I'll check to see if the brake line recall has been done. I suspect possibly some sticky rings, but my experience is that doesn't occur all too often. The car belongs to a good friend. It was parked as the seating and clutch position continuously agrivated a knee problem. No amount of adjustments worked, so the car was parked. I'm looking forward to getting the car. Not often to find a nearly-new 10 year old car :-)
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One do know they only made these cars for one year here in the US ?



305,600miles 5/2012 ej257 short block, 8/2011 installed VF52 turbo, @20.8psi, 280whp, 300ftlbs. (SOLD).  CHECK your oil, these cars use it.


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