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Help removing C/D pillar covers

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Has anyone removed their seat belt pillar covers for the driver/passenger, I want to paint mine black it seems I need to disconnect the seat belt to do this. There is a harness at the bottom of the seat belt module, is it safe to disconnect this with the battery still plugged in?


Additionally trying to remove the rear pillar covers in a wagon, that are by the rear seatbelt holders. I think I need to remove the back seats to do this, however I'm not really sure where to go about pulling once they are removed. Is it all held in by those push plugs, or are they any actual screws holding it in like the rear hatch molding has.



Trying to remove the tan pieces, I know there is source for PDF diagrams of how all subarus go together but blanking on what it's called. Thanks



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Those are the B and C pillars. It's just alphabetical from the front, so the pillars on the side of the windshield are the A pillars, the ones with front seat seat belts are B pillars and so on. OpposedForces.com should have how they fit together but you can also search google using "pdf" as one of the keywords to find reposts of the factory service manual.
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